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Restorative Dentistry

restorative dentistry

Restorative Dentistry

In order to restore your smile’s beauty and functionality, Wausau Smiles offers restorative dentistry services to fix broken or missing teeth and replace missing ones. Dr. Aaron Bushong will carefully craft a treatment plan that will match your needs and your goals for your smile from a range of restorative procedures to suit them. Call us at 715-842-3933 right away to set up your appointment with our skilled dentist in Wausau, Wisconsin, and to discover more about restorative dentistry.

We take pride in providing top-notch restorative dentistry at our office. Following dental injury, decay, or tooth loss, a specialist in restorative dentistry will work to repair your smile’s health and functionality. For your unique dental requirements, we provide a range of restorative dental treatments. No matter how many teeth you are missing—one, a few, or all of them—we are here to help you with the restorative dentistry options you require. We can provide solutions for healing severely damaged or decaying teeth.

Your smile will be meticulously examined by our kind dentist when you come to our dental clinic. The best advice for repairing your smile will be given to you by our dentist based on the results of this assessment. You can obtain or reclaim a smile that is once more healthy, useful, and beautiful with restorative dentistry. You may feel secure in the appearance and functionality of your smile because to the comfortable and aesthetic nature of our restorative dentistry alternatives. regain the self-assurance you need to laugh, eat, speak, and smile with ease once more! We welcome your call or visit if you’d like to learn more about restorative dentistry. We are excited to assist you in loving your smile.

We may suggest a dental bridge to restore your smile if you are missing one tooth or several teeth in a row. Since a bridge is a fixed dental restoration, it cannot be taken out. Two dental crowns, which are affixed to the teeth or dental implants next to the gap left by the missing tooth and are manufactured specifically to fit your smile, serve as anchors for the dental bridge. In order to restore your smile, these crowns secure the prosthetic tooth in place, making sure that it won’t move around or get loose easily. Typically, the dental bridge can be finished in just two visits to our office. Dental bridges are made to survive for a long time and restore the function, attractiveness, and and health of your smile.

Our dentist may recommend a dental bridge to improve your smile by:

  • Restoring your ability to speak, eat, and chew as normal
  • Alleviating excess stress on the bite
  • Improving the shape and volume of your face
  • Replacing an unwanted removable partial denture
  • Preventing the remaining natural teeth from moving out of position
  • Enhancing the appearance of your smile

If you want to restore your smile after losing a tooth, we can help you decide whether a bespoke dental bridge is the best option. Please call or come by our office right away for further details.

Multiple lost teeth can be replaced with dentures, which are removable dental prosthetics. Dentures may be the perfect solution if you are missing some or all of your teeth in order to improve the function, appearance, and health of your smile. Complete and partial dentures are the two types of dentures available.

  • A complete denture is used to replace all of the teeth in a full dental arch. We may suggest a complete denture to replace all of the teeth in both arches or just one, depending on your individual needs. Our dentist may suggest using a denture adhesive for improved stability.
  • A partial denture is used if you are missing multiple teeth but have remaining natural teeth. A partial denture often includes a thin framework or clasps that attach to the natural teeth for a secure fit.

If you have several missing teeth, our dentist may suggest complete or partial dentures to help you regain your smile. Dentures can help you speak and eat more comfortably, regain your natural facial volume, and improve the appearance of your smile overall. Your dentures will be manufactured especially for you to suit your smile firmly, elegantly, and pleasantly. To learn more about how dentures might enhance your smile, we urge you to contact us or stop by soon.

Full Mouth Reconstruction

Dr. Aaron Bushong can give you a full mouth reconstruction if you need several restorative procedures to get back to having a healthy smile. You can once more eat, speak, and smile with great confidence after a full mouth reconstruction since it entirely redesigns and rebuilds your smile. Call Wausau Smiles at 715-842-3933 right away to learn more about full mouth reconstruction in Wausau, Wisconsin, and to arrange a consultation with our experienced dentist.

If your smile has been severely broken, chipped, or decaying, full mouth reconstruction is a dental procedure that can restore it. Restoring several or all of the teeth in the mouth is a common part of full mouth restoration. Full mouth reconstruction may involve different dental procedures, depending on your individual dental requirements, such as:

  • Dental bonding
  • Dental bridges
  • Dental bridges
  • Dental fillings
  • Dental implants
  • Dental inlays or onlays
  • Dental veneers
  • Dentures (complete or partial)
  • Periodontal (gum) treatment
  • Root canal treatment
  • Tooth extraction
restorative dentistry

We will assist you in choosing which of our high-quality treatments is most appropriate for enhancing your smile during your individual consultation with our staff. Restoring your smile’s health, functionality, and attractiveness is the aim of a full mouth restoration. To assist you in achieving a healthier, more appealing smile, our skilled dentist is happy to give full mouth reconstruction.

If any of the following dental issues are affecting your smile, full mouth reconstruction may be beneficial for you:

  • Chipped or broken teeth
  • Cracked or fractured teeth
  • Tooth decay
  • Periodontal disease (gum disease)
  • One or more missing teeth
  • Infection
  • Dental injury or trauma

We invite you to contact or come to our office right away if you think you might require a full mouth reconstruction. We’re excited to take care of your smile!

Root canal therapy, often known as a root canal, is a form of endodontic therapy that is frequently suggested when the tooth pulp and nerves become infected or injured. This could happen if an injury or decay penetrates past the enamel’s outer layer and deep into the tooth. This kind of infection and sickness, if left untreated, may kill the tooth and require extraction. Our talented dentist will remove the infected and damaged tissues from inside the tooth, clean the tooth, and fill it with a medicinal material to restore the tooth’s health and prevent the need for extraction. To restore the tooth to its former form and structure, we will cap it with a restoration, such as a dental crown. In most cases, a root canal can be completed in only one or two comfortable visits to our office.

The root canal procedure has a reputation for being painful. However, modern methods, equipment, and anesthesia often make it possible to do root canal therapy with little discomfort. Every time you visit our office, you can count on our dentist and the rest of our dental team to make you feel welcome and comfortable. Please get in touch with us right away if you’d like more information about root canal therapy. Our goal is to make your smile healthy again.

A dental crown, sometimes known as a cap, is a restoration with several uses. Restoring a tooth that has been severely decaying or damaged is one of the most frequent uses of a dental crown. The tooth is restored to its former shape and size by placing a custom-made crown over the entire tooth, beginning at the gum line. Dental crowns are available in three different materials: gold, porcelain, and porcelain fused to metal. Porcelain crowns are preferred because they closely resemble the color and shape of your teeth. Which dental crown is best for your smile will be guided by our dentist.

If a tooth is so badly decaying or damaged that a filling cannot successfully restore it, a crown may be the solution for your smile. The following additional restorative and esthetic uses for crowns are possible:

  • To protect a tooth following root canal treatment
  • To anchor and attach a dental bridge
  • To cover and complete a dental implant
  • To enhance the beauty of your smile
  • To improve a misshapen tooth
  • To strengthen a tooth that is fractured or weakened
  • To support a large filling when little natural tooth structure remains

To find out whether a dental crown is right for you, we welcome you to contact us today!

To fix light to severe tooth damage, a dental filling is a restorative. If your tooth has a cavity or other decay-related damage, or if your tooth has minor chips or cracks, we may advise getting a filling. The purpose of the dental filling is to return your smile to health by restoring the tooth’s original structure and function. Amalgam fillings and composite fillings are the two primary forms of dental restorations available.

One relaxing visit to our clinic is all that is necessary to complete the filling procedure. Your tooth’s damaged and rotten areas will be first removed by our dentist, who will then thoroughly clean the tooth to get rid of any remaining decay. The tooth is then filled with the filling material and shaped to fit your tooth. For a long-lasting restoration, the filling is finally hardened.

An excellent option for restoring your oral health and function if your tooth is decaying or damaged is a dental filling. To learn more about dental fillings and set up your next appointment with our staff, we urge you to contact us by phone or stop by our office right now. We’re excited to take good care of your smile!